• Lack of historic well records for undocumented orphaned wells, e.g., borehole design, geometry, depth, material use, previous logging data.
  • Lack of economic, non-intrusive, fast wellbore integrity screening tools with high throughputs.


LBNL is developing a new technology for fast borehole condition screening using guided electromagnetic waves called electromagnetic time domain reflectometry (EM-TDR). It is aimed to be a non-invasive method for rapid screening of wells for condition assessment at low cost and high throughput.

  1.  Short term impact
    • Reduce the needs for expensive downhole logging tool deployment for wellbore condition assessment.
  1. Long term impact
    • Filling a critical technology gap for fast well condition screening to aid PA efforts.


  • Developed a prototype EM-TDR equipment.
  • Developing the numerical capability for signal processing and anomaly identification
  • Conducted first field trial of the prototype in Oklahoma for wells up to >3000 ft deep.

Research Products


Guided EM wave traveling along steel casing.

Electromagnetic Time Domain Reflectometer (EM-TDR)

Oklahoma Field Test


Yuxin Wu
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Andrew Delorey
Los Alamos National Laboratory